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Startup Fiction: The Backstory

Ernie shares with his father the winding path leading to his latest side hustle

RTB Finale: Human vs Divine

Does it matter whether Connie Shaklin -- or Jesus -- was Human or Divine?

RTB-11: Defensive vs Gracious

Father and Son wrestle inconclusively with religion, relationship, and identity

RTB-10: "Work as Worship" vs "Worshipping Work"

Everything and everyone dies. So what do we live for? Is religion more than work?

RTB-9: Respond vs React

How do we train ourselves to respond mindfully (vs reacting mindlessly)?

RTB-8: Religion vs Work vs Family

What is the ideal relationship between Religion, Work & Family?

JRP-5: Monks with Steel Balls

Ultron, Amygdalas and Rogue AI meet Zenyatta from Overwatch

RTB-7: Foolish vs Wicked

How should we judge those who (seem to) act harmfully?

RTB-6: Law vs Grace

Is it possible to be objective, or are all perspectives shaped by our past traumas?

RTB-5: Personal vs Professional

Was worship of impersonal duty key to the success of the British Empire?

RTB-4: Religion vs Progress

Should religion serve commerce? Vice versa? Or something more?

RTB-3: Absolution vs Forgiveness

Do we overcome shame by losing ourselves in Something Bigger, or finding ourselves in Someone Loving?

RTB-2b: Hypothetical Narratives

Father and son wrestle with how we identify the characters in a story

RTB-2a: Love vs Shame

Do we work purely out of love? Or to avoid our shame? What counts as a valid perspective?

JRP-4 Performative Vulnerability

Reverse mentoring on how to perform reverse therapy

RTB-1: Love versus Marriage

Can modern man reconcile his responsibilities with his relationships?

TWCF-2/10: Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Syn-Thesis

[Winton (v6) + Mr. Black (Rev D)] VS [Killer Robot, Angelo di Negri]

TWCF-2/8 I Kill Me

Winton (v6) vs Mr. Black (Rev C)

JRP-3: Status Games, Layered

Unrolling the status games we and others play

TCWF-2/6 (Ab)Use of Power

Winton (v6) and Old Lange (v7) vs Kendall Glynn (and Mr. Black?)

TWCF-2/4 Old Memories

Paul Kabar (v8.5) verus Pin Seven

JRP-1: Transcendent Megazord

Identity formation with the next generation

TWCF-2/3: Ambiguous Motives

Who is Glenda Glynn, and whose side is she on?

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