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Titan 11: When Family & Business Collide

Chapter 11 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerRockefeller seemingly was able to balance ruthlessness towards competitors with benevolence towards insider...

Titan 10: To Compartmentalize is Human

... to reconcile is Christ[WAS: Ambivalent Paternalism]St Paul versus John MarkJesus versus PeterNormal versus Exceptional moralityNatural versus Legible

Titan 9: Boss Tax

Chapter 9 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerWe work best when we work together.But what is the cost of creating a sustainable shared system?Which costs ...

Titan 8: Railroading Morality

When does being right give you the right to impose morality on fools?What is the cost?Does the gospel demand more from us than mere religion?Perhaps Rockefeller did th...

Titan 7: Harmonious Family/Life

Ch 7 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerIs the absence of internal conflict the key to harmonious living?Matthew 20:1-16 Is the essence of morality a hea...

Titan 6: Problem of Scale

Chapter 6 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerHow we scale the benefits of a new economy?Do the means justify the ends?Is even the "right" decision 100% "...

Titan 5: Ambiguous Morality

Chapter 5 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerPioneering a whole new approach to business in the midst of the oil boom."Not merely self-made, but self-inv...

Titan 4: Unconscious Intent

Chapter 4 of Ron Chernow's biography of John D. RockefellerWhat are the consequences of our parenting, for good and ill? How much is intentional? In what ways does it ...

Titan 3: Father's Legacy

Did Rockefeller's success transcend the sins of his father, or were his own success and failure deeply entwined with them? And did religion cure, or just compartmental...

Titan 1-2: "Father Disfigure"

We explore Rockefeller's complex (and self-deceiving) relationship to his outlandish father "Big Bill", how it may have been psychologically necessary for him to succe...

Titan Intro: "Founding's Father" (John D. Rockefeller)

Rockefeller is the grandfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, and a complex study of the tension between Christian character and successful ambition.  What can my...

Startup Fiction: The Backstory

Ernie shares with his father the winding path leading to his latest side hustle

RTB Finale: Human vs Divine

Does it matter whether Connie Shaklin -- or Jesus -- was Human or Divine?

RTB-11: Defensive vs Gracious

Father and Son wrestle inconclusively with religion, relationship, and identity

RTB-10: "Work as Worship" vs "Worshipping Work"

Everything and everyone dies. So what do we live for? Is religion more than work?

RTB-9: Respond vs React

How do we train ourselves to respond mindfully (vs reacting mindlessly)?

RTB-8: Religion vs Work vs Family

What is the ideal relationship between Religion, Work & Family?

JRP-5: Monks with Steel Balls

Ultron, Amygdalas and Rogue AI meet Zenyatta from Overwatch

RTB-7: Foolish vs Wicked

How should we judge those who (seem to) act harmfully?

RTB-6: Law vs Grace

Is it possible to be objective, or are all perspectives shaped by our past traumas?

RTB-5: Personal vs Professional

Was worship of impersonal duty key to the success of the British Empire?

RTB-4: Religion vs Progress

Should religion serve commerce? Vice versa? Or something more?

RTB-3: Absolution vs Forgiveness

Do we overcome shame by losing ourselves in Something Bigger, or finding ourselves in Someone Loving?

RTB-2b: Hypothetical Narratives

Father and son wrestle with how we identify the characters in a story

RTB-2a: Love vs Shame

Do we work purely out of love? Or to avoid our shame? What counts as a valid perspective?

JRP-4 Performative Vulnerability

Reverse mentoring on how to perform reverse therapy

RTB-1: Love versus Marriage

Can modern man reconcile his responsibilities with his relationships?

TWCF-2/10: Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Syn-Thesis

[Winton (v6) + Mr. Black (Rev D)] VS [Killer Robot, Angelo di Negri]

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